Retail has been quickly changing in recent years. The main driver of these revolutionary changes is the rapid development of IT technologies that gives an opportunity to collect, combine and analyze Big Data both offline and online. Significant cost reduction of gadgets and other technical devices, such as RFID, iBeacon, electronic price tags, virtual storefronts, scanners, etc. can afford all retailers to start mass utilization of them.

Today the most difficult task for a retailer is to combine its separate systems into a single technological platform: finance and commodity accounting, CRM, point-of-sale (POS) and E-commerce (B2C, Marketplace) management.

The omnichannel business provides in-depth buyer analytics: how often he/she visits the online platform, what are his/her product preferences, how much time passes from viewing an advertising message on the Instagram channel to buying offline, what is the buyer’s purchase history, his/her reaction to cross- and up-sales etc.


The specialists of our company have practical experience in creating from the very beginning integrated omni-solutions using the platforms:

  • SAP S4 / HANA for automating general retail business management;
  • SAP C4 / HANA – online sales platform;
  • POS – a unique solution of our own design to manage a large geographically distributed retail network.

In order to develop your brand or retail business our digital marketing specialists will:

  • develop an individual strategy for the promotion of your brand or retail business in the digital environment;
  • increase the positions of the appearance of your online platform in search systems on the Internet;
  • ensure promotion in social media channels;
  • increase brand awareness;
  • attract the target audience to your online and offline stores.