Today most companies use information technologies to manage their business. In this regard, leaders of organizations, companies and enterprises deal with a complex of tasks that business has not faced before:

  • conformity assessment of the used information systems with the real business specifics and business needs;
  • creation and support of highly efficient IT business management structure;
  • the design of corporation’s reliable architecture of information systems;
  • selecting of IT solutions relevant to the company’s needs and objectives.

LACIT specializes in providing comprehensive IT consulting services.

Our specialists can hold a comprehensive audit of the existing infrastructure, can rank the relevance of the IT functioning in your company to the assigned tasks. Our expert assessment will allow to justify the IT investments and will contribute to the effective decision making at the next stages of business optimization.

On the basis of the audit, we form an idea about our customers’ current and planned tasks, designing individual recommendations of how we should develop and improve the existing IT infrastructure in the necessary direction.

Our team consists of certified specialists with extensive technical knowledge and practical experience. We understand the actual state and the future development perspective of corporate management systems. Therefore, we offer our customers the effective solutions in the following areas:

  • the selection of adequate IT-landscape to the customer’s needs;
  • the introduction of the most modern corporate enterprise management systems;
  • automation of business processes;
  • the organization of support services and the maintenance of implemented IT infrastructure;
  • a customer’s employees training.

We help to create and implement an effective and cost-effective business management system. In addition, we make it understandable and transparent both for managers and system users.