It’s impossible to imagine a company that operates without basing on business processes. Moreover, in order to achieve high rates, obtain international quality certification and enter a serious market it is necessary to clearly formalize all processes and their competent modeling up to each individual employee.

LACIT – Digital tecnologies laboratory has the competencies which provide support for the solution of a wide range of tasks:

  • business processes management;
  • management system improvement;
  • implementation of balanced scorecard;
  • IT technologies and risk management systems implementation;
  • improvement of internal control system;
  • ISO 9001 certification, etc.

Our specialists will help your business to become effective through the description and establishment of all business communications and actions. By implementing a simple technology and available algorithms, we will create a strong successful management team, train employees to work in an optimized business process and explain all its features.

We will help to save your time and money. Our actions will not affect the formal “papers” but real existing processes, in accordance with which all the activities of your company are built.